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The German corporate law regulates the legal relationships of associations of persons under private law that are established for the fulfillment of a specific purpose through legal transactions. However, the legal basis cannot be found in a uniform body of law. Due to the numerous cross-references to other areas of law, such as the commercial law or competition law the legal provisions of coroprate law cover a wide variety of legal sources, depending on the type of company and the individual case. A comprehensive expertise in these cross-sectoral legal norms is therefore essential of a corporate lawyer's work.

With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of successfully advised clients in corporate law we at ab&d Rechtsanwälte not only have outstanding expertise in corporate law, but also an in-depth understanding of business law issues. As specialized corporate law lawyers we advise and represent founders, companies, shareholders and managing directors competently, individually and personally in all corporate law matters. In doing so, we always take a clear strategy, one clever tactics and plenty of negotiating skills for the entrepreneurial goals and needs of our clients.

You too can benefit from the expertise and experience of our corporate law lawyers. Whether for the company is formed, the drafting of shareholders' agreements and partnership agreements or the negotiation of investment rounds - we accompany you at every stage of the corporate development. Of course, this also includes our specialized M&A consulting and transactional lawyering, in which we are happy to assist you with corporate transactions such as transformations, company acquisitions and sales as well as the sale of business shares. However, an exit does not always have a "peaceful reason". Disputes between the shareholders, that arise over time, often lead to the exclusion of a shareholder or the dismissal of the managing director. We are also happy to assist you in this regard, in order to resolve corporate litigation as far as possible by mutual agreement to avoid lengthy and cost-intensive legal disputes. If this is not possible, you can, of course, also count on us for expert and strong representation in asserting your interests in court!

Are you looking for a competent corporate lawyer for your legal concerns or do you need ongoing advice in order to comply with your corporate law reporting and documentation obligations ("corporate housekeeping")? Our experienced corporate lawyers in Germany (Berlin) are at your disposal for a non-binding and free initial telephone consultation and will be happy to advise you and your company both nationwide and throughout Europe. 

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Our services in corporate law:

  1. Legal advice on the right type of company (partnership vs. corporation)
  2. Drafting of articles of association, shareholder agreements, and vesting clauses.
  3. Legal advice on typical business activity issues such as general terms and conditions, trademark rights, B2B contracts and employment contracts
  4. Development of a Property rights strategy (IP)
  5. Negotiation of investment rounds, drafting of participation agreements
  1. Consultation and implementation of transformation measures: mergers (amalgamations), divisions, spin-offs, and changes of legal form.
  2. Consultation and implemenation of company acquisitions and sales
  3. Purchase and sale of company shares
  4. Assistance with Due Diligence processes
  5. Consultation and support upon dissolution of the company
  1. Strategic advice in shareholder disputes
  2. Redemption of shares
  3. Exclusion from shareholders
  4. Removal of the managing director
  5. Determination and enforcement of severance payments
  6. Negotiations with co-shareholders
  7. Enforcement of shareholder rights (e.g. claims for information)
  8. Assistance and representation at disputed shareholder meetings

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