Intellectual property law in Germany

Enforcement and defense of your intellectual property rights by specialized IP lawyers

Intellectual property law covers various areas of law that deal with IP protection including trademark law, patent law and copyright law. In contrast to copyright, which arises almost automatically with the creation of the work, trademarks and patents in Germany must be registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office so that the owner receives exclusive intellectual property rights.

These exclusive intellectual property rights enable the respective owners to take action against individuals or companies who using their intellectual property without authorization or violate their intellectual property rights. To ensure innovation, competitive advantages, and long-term success, it is therefore crucial for companies to legally protect and enforce their property rights permanently. In view of the immense legal complexity and the continuous evolution of intellectual property law, this task requires appropriate expertise and experience.

As specialist intellectual property lawyers, we are experts in protecting your intellectual property in the best possible way.In addition to our extensive and in-depth specialist knowledge, we are characterized by over 10 years of practical experience, during which we have successfully assisted hundreds of clients in both the judicial and extrajudicial enforcement and defense of their IP rights.

We protect your IP from the idea to the finished product and defend it against unlawful use by others. In the case of trademarks, this includes supporting our clients with trademark search and trademark registration at national and international level. But even after your trademark has been registered, we take care of your trademark protection through continuous, systematic trademark monitoring to prevent third parties from using it without authorization or registering a similar trademark. If you are affected by intellectual property infringements or disputes, as specialist lawyers for intellectual property we are of course also at your side. After a thorough examination of the situation, we will advise you in detail about your opportunities and risks and represent your interests before the competent courts with strategic planning and commitment. This applies both to the defense against unjustified trademark infringements and to the enforcement of your own trademark claims. Our focus is always on offering our clients not only personal and individual advice with specific recommendations for action, but also on developing effective and tailor-made solutions that take your economic interests into account.

Are you looking for a competent, reliable intellectual property lawyer in Germany to protect your intellectual property or to defend yourself against infringements of your intellectual property? As experienced specialist lawyers for intellectual property, we will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation initial telephone consultation and advise you and your company both nationwide and throughout Europe.

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Our services in trademark law:

  1. Ongoing trademark monitoring
  1. Documentation and evaluation of potential violations
  1. Negotiation of demarcation resp. co-existence agreements 
  1. Enforcement of your earlier trademark against later trademark applications (opposition proceedings)
  1. Representation in official proceedings due to the existence of prior rights (invalidity proceedings)
  1. Issuance and defense of warnings
  1. Conduct of settlement negotiations
  1. Enforcement of injunctive relief and defense in proceedings (preliminary injunction)
  1. Filing of protective letters to prevent preliminary injunctions
  1. Enforcement of claims and defense in trademark infringement lawsuits
  1. Consulting on trademark development and type (property rights strategy)
  1. Examination of the protectability and registrability of trademarks
  1. Identity & similarity search according to older collision signs (Europe-wide and worldwide)
  1. Implementation of the trademark registration (German trademark, EU trademark, IR trademark)
  1. Correspondence & representation with trademark registration problems (defense against objections, cancellation requests, complaint and appeal proceedings)
  1. Implementation of trademark transfers and preparation of license agreements

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