Client ratings, recent proceedings and list of opponents.

Here you can see what our clients say about us, which proceedings we recently supervised and Who we have already argued with:

"ab&d Rechtsanwälte have been advising us on commercial law issues for over 10 years. During these years, we have always been able to rely on very competent advice and a high level of commitment, in which economic aspects were not disregarded. The advice was given in such a way that legal disputes were avoided if possible, but if this was not possible, all the stops were always pulled out for the defense, so that together we have already achieved several successes in court."


Philipp Stern

Managing Director of Stern & Schatz GmbH //

"Competence and a healthy attitude!

Received a warning letter and now what? That's what happened to us in 2010 and we searched the Internet for help. We found what we were looking for on an Internet portal and since then the law firm consisting of Dr. Dauskardt, Mr. Bystry and Ms. Binder has been advising us. It is no exaggeration to attribute part of our success to the work of this law firm, as we have always been advised very competently and with honest and realistic assessments, both in trademark and patent litigation and in various court proceedings over the last 11 years. International growth also requires partners who work across borders and cooperate with other law firms, drafting and reviewing contracts. Unfortunately, it is frightening to see how often you need legal advice as an entrepreneur and this is exactly when the right partner is crucial. We recommend AB&D Rechtsanwälte to our business partners with a clear conscience."


Andreas Jetter

Managing Director of Apaloo GmbH Kintex //, Moskinto //

"Coming from another country to do business in Germany requires trustworthy individuals guiding you to success. And that's what Tobias, Norman, and his team represent for many of us, their clients. People willing to go beyond their daily-basis business and routine to be that lifesaving advice many of us are seeking for" 


Ana Maria Alvarez

Founder of the MigrationHub
 and from Migrapreneur 

"After Bone Brox GmbH was founded, the lawyers at ab&d, especially Tobias Bystry, were at our side with advice and support in all matters of competition law (especially health claims) and corporate law (convertible loans, investment rounds). Particularly noteworthy: they not only negotiate and write contracts, but also always think economically, including "outside the box", so that we not only received legal advice, but also valuable input on tactics and strategy."


Konrad Knops

Founder of Bone Brox GmbH //

Selected recent proceedings:

  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise Polish camping equipment group on the development of a brand portfolio - 2024
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte represent housing association in the enforcement of its trademark against a competitor operating throughout Europe - 2023
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte represent construction company against trademark claims of an international competitor - 2023
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte represent medical device manufacturer in the Europe-wide defense of its trademarks - 2022
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advises gamification and escape room providers on the development of a brand logo - 2022
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte represent US company against claims for injunctive relief due to alleged trademark infringements against CHECK24 GmbH - 2021
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advises companies from the food sector on the development and internationalization of their brand portfolio - 2021
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte design brand identity for a group of travel companies - 2020
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise a fashion company in a trademark dispute with a European competitor - 2019
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte develop brand strategy for internationally oriented Swiss company in the outdoor segment - 2018
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte represent internationally active trading company in the cosmetics sector against misleading advertising measures by competitors - 2023
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte represent manufacturers of garden and outdoor products against misleadingly advertising competitors - 2022
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte are taking action against numerous competitors on behalf of a supplier of medical devices for various violations of the CE marking obligation and the law on the advertising of medicinal products (HWG) - 2021
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise and represent real estate agents in the defense against abusive warnings and injunction applications by an alleged competitor - 2020
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte defend manufacturers of medical devices against claims for injunctive relief by the German Association for Social Competition (VSW) for alleged violations of the German Drug Advertising Act (HWG) - 2020
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte represent Berlin start-up in the field of digitalization in the driving school sector in trademark and competition law disputes with a competitor - 2019
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte defend a start-up in the furniture and furnishings sector against alleged competition and design law claims by a competitor - 2018
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise US company on the acquisition of a German GmbH - 2023
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise and represent shareholders of a GmbH in their conflict with their co-shareholder due to violations of the non-competition clause and in the dispute over an appropriate severance payment - 2022
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise logistics company with several operating companies on restructuring - 2022
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise Steuerberater-GmbH in a dispute with shareholder - 2021
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise start-up from the food sector on the implementation of a capital increase - 2021
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise and represent shareholders of a GbR (nursing service) on its withdrawal and negotiate an appropriate severance payment - 2021
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise a physiotherapy practice on the admission of an additional shareholder - 2020
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise entrepreneurs on the spin-off of their company to a GmbH (spin-off for absorption) - 2020
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advises software company from the medical sector on the reorganization of its business operations under corporate law - 2020
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise Architekten-GmbH on the withdrawal of a shareholder - 2019
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise and represent shareholder-managing director of a port operator against his exclusion from the company - 2018
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte design general terms and conditions (B2B) for international creative agency - 2023
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise and represent commercial companies in the outdoor sector against alleged compensation claims of a former commercial agent - 2023
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advises fast-growing online company on drafting general terms and conditions (B2B and B2C) and negotiates individual contracts with suppliers and service providers - 2022
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise innovative provider of a new platform for corporate social responsibility and draft general terms and conditions and customer contracts (B2B) - 2020
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte represent commercial agent (publishing agency) in the enforcement of outstanding commissions and the claim for compensation under § 89b HGB - 2020
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte advise and represent a medical device manufacturer in disputes with a distribution partner regarding a claim for compensation under commercial law - 2019
  • ab&d Rechtsanwälte drafts terms of use and privacy policy for an online dating portal - 2018

List of opponents (small excerpt):

We have already negotiated and argued a lot, including against the following opponents:

  • Adobe - Copyright
  • Aktimed GmbH - warning letter, UWG, copyright law
  • Alibaba - warning letter, competition law
  • Amazon - warning letter, competition law, seller blocking
  • Apple - warning letter, competition law (exclusionary competition)
  • Audi - Commercial law
  • BANDAI NAMCO - warning letter, trademark law, trademark infringement
  • (Bett1) - Warning, competition law
  • BMW - Trademark law
  • bruno banani - Trademark law
  • Federal Employment Agency (BA) - Antitrust law
  • Burberry Ltd. - warning letter, competition law, design law, copyright law
  • Caspar Sleep - warning letter, competition law
  • Caverion - Trademark law
  • Check24 GmbH - warning letter, trademark infringement
  • chocri GmbH - Warning letter, trademark law
  • Clinton Großhandels GmbH (Camp David) - warning letter, competition law
  • German Pension Insurance (DRV) -Status determination
  • Deutsche Umwelthilfe - warning letter, competition law
  • Douglas - Competition law
  • DriveEddy - Warning letter, competition law
  • Emma Matratzen GmbH - warning letter, competition law
  • Eve Sleep Ltd. - warning letter, competition law
  • facebook - warning letter, trademark law
  • Galeria Kaufhof - warning letter, trademark law
  • GEMA - GEMA fees
  • Goodyear - warning letter, trademark law
  • Google - Deletion of reviews, correction of search entries, warning letter
  • Competition law
  • HOEBA-Germany GmbH - Warning letter, UWG
  • Hummel Holding, warning letter, trademark law
  • IDO Association - Warning UWG, contractual penalty
  • KINESIO IP LLC - Warning letter, trademark law
  • State of Berlin - Contract law
  • L`Oreal - Trademark law
  • Marriott Worldwide - Trademark law
  • Merck - Warning letter, competition law (imitation)
  • Microsoft - Warning letter, trademark and copyright law
  • Möbel Kraft AG - Warning, unauthorized advertising
  • Naketano GmbH - warning letter, trademark law, competition law
  • Nintendo - Trademark law
  • Otto Bock - Warning letter, competition law, HWG
  • PayPal - Contract law
  • Prada SA - Warning letter, trademark infringement
  • Red Bull - Commercial and copyright law
  • - warning letter, copyright, design right
  • Sachse Vertriebs GbR - Warning letter, UWG
  • Saturn GmbH - Compensation for damages
  • Samsung - Warning letter, UWG violations
  • Simple Memory Arts Inc. (USA) - Competition and copyright law
  • Spin Master Ltd - Warning letter, trademark law etc. (Rubik's cube)
  • Taxdoo GmbH - Contract law
  • Twentieth Century Fox - warning letter, copyright
  • twitter - competition law
  • VGU: Verein gegen Unwesen in Handel und Gewerbe Köln e.V. - Warning letter, UWG
  • VHV Versicherung - Insurance benefits (major loss event)
  • Vodafone - Data breach
  • Vonmählen - Design law
  • VSW Association of Social Competition - Warning, UWG
  • VW - Trademark law
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment - Trademark Law, Competition Law, Copyright Law
  • Werner Schmidt Pharma - Warning letter, competition law, HWG
  • Wettbewerbszentrale - Warning, UWG
  • WMF (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik) - Contract law
  • Zalando - Contract law
  • Yelp - unlawful reviews