Advice on start-ups

The establishment of a new business opens up vast room for manoeuvre in implementing personal ideas, but it is also fraught with hazard: legal pitfalls may present a considerable financial risk to the founders, investors and the business (start-up) itself.

This is why all the stakeholders need not only courage and ideas, but primarily professional advice. This is particularly applicable to the self-employed. Correct organisation and course-setting in the start-up phase provide the best conditions for the success of your business or investment.

ab&d Rechtsanwälte is well connected in the start-up scene of Berlin and have specialised in comprehensive legal advice for the self-employed, investors and start-ups in connection with the establishment and expansion of businesses. Our advice, in which we constantly consider our clients' business objectives and growth strategy, focuses on the following areas:

  • We present our clients with possible forms of business and draft tailor-made articles of association;
  • We advise and represent founders and start-ups when raising venture capital (VC), including drafting participation agreements;
  • We advise business angels and venture capitalists on legally-compliant hedging of their investment suitable for their interests;
  • We provide advice and drafts in relation to employee participation programmes and stock option plans;
  • We advise our clients on the necessary official licences (e.g. tavern liquor license or general business license) and assert claims for their grant;
  • We examine the possibility of protecting business ideas, the results of work and product and business names, and take the steps required to obtain protection (e.g. by registering a trademark);
  • We support founders in developing a legally-compliant website; In particular, we help with the design of webshops, e.g. by providing the GTB, the imprint, the data protection declaration and an effective management system.
  • We support the development and establishment of sales systems and marketing campaigns;
  • We examine and draft necessary contracts of every description (e.g. tenancy, supply, purchasing and licence agreements).
  • We also work with selected experts - accountants, auditors, management consultants and notaries, to provide our clients with comprehensive project support from a one-stop shop, e.g. also from the perspective of tax advice.

Did you receive a formal warning regarding unfair competition or the violation of a trademark? We defend you. – Are you confronted with unfair competition? We issue a formal warning to your competitors. You would like to establish a company or do have questions regarding corporate law? We offer comprehensive advice. You need general terms and conditions of business for your web shop? We will create tailor made and legally certain and efficient GTB’s.

Attorney at law Bystry and Attorney at law Dauskardt represent and advise you regarding trademark law, antitrust and unfair completion law, trade and corporate law, law of general terms and conditions of business and the establishments of companies.

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